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Why choose SIT Study Abroad?

On an SIT Study Abroad program, you’ll become immersed in the language and culture of the country, study under world-class professors, talk with local community leaders, travel to extraordinary places, and, on most programs, choose to conduct independent research or an internship.


Access a network of local experts

Learn directly from local academics, activists, business people, indigenous communities, artists, and government officials. 


Focus on a critical global issue

Each SIT Study Abroad program focuses on an issue of critical global importance: climate change, global health, development, migration, and human rights.


Build relationships that last a lifetime

With a homestay you’ll become a member of a local family, sharing meals with them, joining them for special occasions, talking with them in their language, and experiencing the host country through their eyes. 


Travel far and wide

Enhance your study-abroad experience with excursions to cities, villages, neighboring countries, historic sites, wildlife preserves, museums and other fascinating places



Alumni Spotlight:

Chisato Fukuda 

“My most memorable homestay moments—scraping cashmere wool off the goats, collecting animal dung for fuel, and singing in the evenings under a solar-powered light—serve as a reminder in my current work to always critique the meaning and purpose behind abstract development concepts and to study how they shape the rhythms of everyday life.”


-Medical and environmental anthropologist

-Ph.D. candidate, University of Wisconsin-Madison

-SIT Program: Mongolia: Nomadism, Geopolitics and the Environment

“I had no idea it would be the first of many times I would live abroad, and that one day my career and personal life would in fact be intimately connected with Brazil. … Choosing to study abroad with SIT was one of the best decisions I ever made.”


Professor of Geography and Brazilian Studies, King’s College London SIT Program: Brazil: Social Innovation and Community Development fall 2000.

Alumni Spotlight:

Dr. Jeff Garmany

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